Spark Plug Leads

Our ignition cable sets give a superior spark because more of the energy goes to the spark plug to give improved performance, starting and fuel economy. The construction is a kevlar centre with a stainless steel winding which carries the electrical pulse to the spark plug. This is encased in a top quality braided outer insulation core to give maximum electrical protection so superior that cables can touch each other or metal on the engine without any electrical impulse or shorting taking place.

A senior Aston Martin engineer has tested these cables and his 100% satisfaction of their performance was published in the technical section of the Aston Martin owners club magazine under the heading "making sparks fly".

All our cable sets have the correct fittings and each lead is of the correct length for the specified engine.They are handmade and kv tested to ensure 100% efficiency.

Cables available are

  • 7mm black
  • 7mm british racing green
  • 8mm black
  • 8mm red
  • 8mm ford motorsport blue

These lead sets will carry up to 60,000 volts and we guarantee them for 40,000 road, track or race miles.