Fuel Diamond

The fuel diamond is very simple to use, simply drop the fuel diamond into your petrol tank via the filler pipe. The fuel diamond reduces the risk of the petrol in your fuel tank going stale over winter lay offs infact if you have a car or motor cycle that you do not often refuel due to little use the fuel diamond would be ideal for you to use.

  • It stops the what can be a rapid drop in octane
  • It stops the change in fuel colour
  • It stops emulsification

If fuel becomes stale in your tank it can make starting difficult it can block fuel lines carb jets fuel pumps etc. Now there is no need to drain your fuel tank during lay offs which can allow moisture to enter the tank and fuel system. 

The fuel diamond is guaranteed for 5 years it will treat a fuel tank of up to 60 litres refill after refill after refill. If your fuel tank is larger than 60 litres simply put more than one fuel diamond in your fuel tank.