Fuel Catalyst

This will allow any engine designed to run on leaded petrol to run safely on normal pump unleaded 95 octane fuel. The fuel catalyst has the desired effect of raising the octane lubricating the engine and burning at a slightly lower burn temperature. There is no need to use a liquid additive or to retard the ignition timing or to fit hardened valve seats. The fuel catalyst is a tin amalgam and follows very closely to the original royal air force receipe which was developed to combat poor quality and low octane fuel.

This product is not unique to us, there are a few companies producing a similar product but we hope you will be impressed with our honesty about this product. It simply is placed into the petrol tank of any car or motor cycle and then only 95 unleaded fuel needs to be used. Lead was put into petrol in 1936 to stop the knock this product was developed in 1941 for the royal air force.

How long does it last? Some companies claim unbelievable mileage but you cannot claim this as cars and motor cycles differ in the amount of fuel they consume. We therefore state that our product will be good for 100,000 miles.

We give a 6000 mile test period, a full refund if you are not satisfied and a £1,000,000 product liability insurance underwritten at lloyds.