After some three or so years of research and development Sussex Promotions launched some 21 years ago in 1994, the Spitfire range of motoring products. The Spitfire Multispark car unit was first followed by within six months the motor cycle unit. This was first demonstrated at the Alexandra Palace Superbike Show. The show in those days was a ten day event. We knew at once we were on to a winner when we sold out within the first three days, and had to take orders for the rest of the show.

Three weeks later and now fully stocked we introduced the products to Europe via the famous Techno Classica classic car show at Essen. By the last day of the show we were very short of stock. 

We then looked into other products that classic car and motorcycle owners would be in need of and started production of our fuel catalyst which has military World War II history. Spark plug lead sets and make your own kits and our latest product the fuel diamond stands at the forefront of the fight against ethanol in petrol.